About Dave Silver and Reel Silver fishing Charters | Tel: 315 271-8773

Hello, I'm U.S. Coast Guard Master Captain Dave Silver. I've been fishing Lake Ontario for Salmon, Trout, Walleye and Bass for over 29 years. I've fished out of most of the ports in the eastern basin of Lake Ontario, including Oswego, Little Salmon River, Sandy Pond, Henderson Harbor, and now the Big Salmon River.

Before I became a Captain, I worked for several years as a mate on several charter boats. I learned a lot about fishing and they learned alot from me. Mostly I learned how to treat people. If the Captain or crew is miserable, you won't have a good time, no matter how many fish you catch. I strive to make your charter as enjoyable as possible.

I'm also in contact with other Captains and fishermen to stay on top of the hot fishing. Check out my Gallery and videos to see a bunch of very happy clients and yes - there are pics of me in there too, what do you think I do on my day off.......