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June 10, 2018
Huge Browns and lots of King Salmon. Myself holding Brian's 14 lb Brown Trout and Monica holding her 2 Kings.
Plenty of Browns in shallow and lots of Salmon out just a little deeper. Gonna be another great year.

May 7 2018 - Our spring Brown Trout fishing is on Fire. Even a few nice Salmon in the mix.
Here's the girls with some big Brownies. Lol.


Mid August 2017 Dave Angelo from Syracuse sent 3 of his guys on a company sponsored trip and Ed Weeks from
my home town with his buddies a couple days later. Same results, LOL, lots and lots of bites and fish landed...

July 5, 2017

Karl and his crew from PA with a Triple on football browns, mid May and the bite is still on.
Well over 20 bites today...

April 25 and all's well in Lake "O".
Lots of Browns and some bonus fish like this 10 lb. Atlantic Salmon.


OMG, you want Huge Salmon? Here they are.
Dennis from Albany with his 37.0 lb King Salmon and Sam with his 32.2 lb King, both from 8/27/16.
Yes 37.0 lbs weighed at Woodies Tackle, only problem is not in Derby.
Would have been $25K winner. The winner was only 34.5 lbs.

Mid July Wow, Giant Lakers and King Salmon, doesn't get much better than this.
Joe Sayers with his biggest Laker ever, just over 21 lbs.
And Jeff and his buds from Albany with his Salmon n Lakers

May 14 Pick ur poison, fat football Browns or huge Lake Trout.
Chris and family with a limit of "BOTH".
Limited on Browns in 2 hrs and ran out deep for limit of really big Lakers.

April 19th Mid April and the bite is on.
Ron and his buddies from PA with another limit of Browns and we're even seeing
a few big Walleyes, not open yet but sure nice to know they're here.


Early June and still lots of fish to catch. Bill and his buddies from Utica with a bunch of Huge Lake Trout n SteelHead
and Jim n Debbie from PA with another triple on.

It's early May and the Browns are still on fire and lots of bonus fish also, Atlantics, Lakers, Walleye, and Steelhead. Here's the Figg boys from Albany with one of their many Browns and Jeff with a nice Walleye.

April 29, 2015 - It's the end of April and the Browns are on fire along with some very nice Atlantic Salmon and Lakers. Here's Ruth from downstate with a big 12 lb Brownie and Seth from Watertown with a nice batch of Browns an Atlantics


3rd week of August and all's well. Here's Amy with the biggest Coho Salmon I've ever seen at 25 lbs. And Nick and Jay with another double. These guys always seem to catch lots of fish, they landed 7 salmon, 2 steelhead, and 2 large lakers.

Couple great pics of Kiela from Fort Drum and Kevin from NH with their huge Kings from this week, both fish reaching the 30 lb mark. It's mid August and the fishing's been very good with lots of Lakers and a few Kings, Steelhead, and Browns. Big blow happening now and that should push the Kings in.

Tom & Jan Bailey from Baldwinsville, NY with part of their catch on 8-5-2014. Tom is the guy that designed my web sites.

May 10 and fishing is still on fire. Favorable winds and lots of stream run off is paying off. Here's Greg and family from Kingston Ontario with a mix of very nice fish and Jim from PA with his 15 pound Brown trout. Lots of good fishing still to come...

The wild winter is finally over, boats in and the fishing is on fire.
We've done a dozen or so brown trout trips and limited out every time with some catches reaching 30 or more fish.
It's still early which means lots good brown trout to come.


Here's John Mazurek with his huge LOC derby fish at 32 lbs 15 oz.  Late August early Sept is always
good just ask Ward and his son Mike from Fla. and friends with a limit of kings n cohos

Mid August means lots and lots of staging Salmon. Here's Brian and sons from NH with their limit of huge Kings and Charlie with his boys from Vermont with another limit.  Looks like another incredible year of Salmon Fishing.

It's mid July and the Salmon are finally here and are biting and fighting like crazy. Here's Mrs Poe from PA with a huge king she landed last week and also Bob Damesek from NC with a nice batch of kings an 1 steelhead. The good news is, the fishing will only get better from here.

June 15 and the fishing is very good. Here's James from NH with a bunch of huge Lake Trout and a steelhead, they landed over 25 fish. And Vinci from Australia with 2 of his groups monster catch, another 20 plus fish day. A few salmon being caught so won't be long and lots on salmon!!!

Early May and the fishing is still very good, here's Dan from NH with his huge 14.7 lb brown trout.  Also Phil and daughter Abby with a nice double, laker and brown trout.

It's mid April and the fishing's great, when we can get out... The weather has kept me at the dock 7 of my 1st 9 trips but weather is looking better. Monday the 22nd was a very good day for Matt and his dad Mark.  Matt came all the way from Colorado to catch some big browns and that's just what they did. The 2 of them landed 2, 12 pound browns, a 15 pound laker, and a bunch more browns from 4-11 pounds, we were releasing 5-8 lb fish the last couple of hours, limited out early again.  Lots of great fishing to come and still a few openings on weekends.

It's March 20 and the boat hits the water in 3 weeks, can't wait, we'll be trolling the shore line looking for and catching lots of football Browns like these. Here's Dave and son Quint with a few of the 30 plus Browns they landed last Spring, they were releasing 3-8 lbs fish all morning long. And Melissa with a nice 10 lber she landed last Spring also.


It's the last week of August 2012 and the Salmon are staging out front in huge numbers and we are marking and catching lots and lots of Salmon. The weather has been good and that always makes for great fishing. This year has seen more Salmon over 30 lbs than ever, almost every day we see a huge fish. Anyway here's Greg from Syracuse with his crew's limit and Keith from NH with a mess of nice salmon. I'm on the water everyday so call my cell phone with any questions..

OMG! It's mid August and the salmon fishing is on fire, with lots of Huge Kings being taken daily... Here's the Silver brothers from Plattsburgh with there limit in only 3 hours, that hog in the middle went 31 lbs... The Kahler clan from Rome have 3 kings that weigh at least 30 lbs and 2 more that are just under 30 lbs. I"m thinking this might by our best year yet for salmon!!!

Pick your poison, Huge Brown Trout, or King Salmon. They are all here. Dave from Albany limited out on King salmon and one brown trout on Friday, July 6. Randy came from Oneonta, NY to catch some big Brown Trout, their browns tipped the scales at 12 lbs, 2 of them went 10 lbs and they were tossing back the small 3-5 lbers. I'm on the water almost everyday so it's easy to stay on the great fishing. The good news is, it will only get better!!!

June 15 and the thermocline is almost set up, but that didn't stop the good fishing for Tom and Justin from Syracuse. Justin landed this big 27 lb King Salmon and his dad landed his 20 lber. they tossed back lots of other salmon and lost a nice steelhead right behind the boat. The fishing is getting better by the day, lots of mid to large size salmon and trout. The surprise is the # of steelhead, every time out we hit 3-8 steelies, sweet...My bookings are picking up, don't wait to last minute to make arrangements.

Just when we thought it couldn't get much better, the King salmon show up in huge numbers. Friday Dave and Melissa from Pa with the dad Al, they only landed at least 30 fish, most of them being King salmon. In one trip these three caught king Salmon from 4 lbs up to 27 lbs, we were tossing back 20 plus lb salmon and a few huge lake trout. I think this is the finest spring fishing I have ever seen in my 27 years of fishing Lake Ontario!!! These Truly are "The Good Ole Days"

It's the last weekend in April and the cold snap hasn't slowed the fishing one bit. Here's Joe from PA with a 10 plus lb brown trout and a 8 lb Atlantic Salmon they landed over 20 fish. And Rich from Syracuse with his 11 lb brown from 4/3, they landed 39 browns, yes, 39 brown Trout, unbelievable!!!!

April 26 and all's well, Mat and Dan came from NH to catch brown trout and that's just what they did, hooking over 30 fish in 6 hours, wow, it's as good as it gets. And big fish too, best news is, it's just getting started.

Well, the 2012 season has started and like the last 3 years it's on fire. Here's Joe from southern NY with a bunch of very nice brown trout up to 12 lbs. 4 of them over 10 lbs plus releasing a bunch more. The best part is, it's just getting starting.

It's Sept. 4th and the fishing is as good as it gets.  We are hitting lots of fish and limiting out almost every trip.  In fact the only day we didn't limit out was Sat. morning when I had 5 people on board, but we still landed 13 Salmon.   Here's Mallisa with 2 of her 3 fish limit.  Her Husband Dave also landed 3 nice salmon for another limit.  We should have great fishing for sometime with nice weather expected this week..

August 17 and the Salmon fishing is getting better by the day.  The weather has been stable and that makes for good fishing.  Here's Dave from Syracuse with his crew and a nice catch of salmon steelhead and lake trout.  The fishing will only get better from now on and it's already great fining.  I still have some openings in early Sept, Call my cell at 315 271-8773, I'm on the water every day.

7/15/11 Wow, is it really mid July?  The fishing is as good as late August.  Look at these big Kings.  We had 18 bites on friday and landed 14 fish, most were big guys including this Monster 17.5 lb Brown Trout I'm holding.  The fish are everywhere, out very deep and in shallow to 110 feet of water so there's a lot of good fishing yet to come. I still have some weekends open but call son, they won't last long.

7/5/11 The Salmon are here and the fishing could not be better.  Last week we were fishing for brown trout and  started catching some nice salmon.  We changed over to all salmon gear and are doing lots of king salmon, we pretty much have the lake and fish to ourselves, not many boats out.  Call and book early to get in on this fantastic fishing.

Memorial weekend and the fishing is still very very good.  Here's Tony from New Jersey with his son and 3 son inlaws with another limit of football browns.  Also Brian, Dawn, Jared and Bill, from Scranton, Pa. from June 4th with their limit of Browns.  This Spring has been Fantastic and I heard the Salmon are showing up already.   Looks like tons of Salmon again this year.....

Ok, It's official. This is the best Spring I have seen in the 25 years of fishing Lake "O".  We have landed well over 500 fish, and some very nice Atlantic Salmon. Here's Dan with a dandy 14lber caught on May 10.  His party landed over 15 fish.  Next day had 2 trips and hit 8 fish in 30 minutes only to land 1, but we worked them and ended the morning with a bunch. Afternoon trip was even better, hit a triple then back to back doubles, with 2-10lbers.  Here's a pic of Steve and John with there crews catch, and another Atlantic Salmon...

April 27th and the fishing could not be better.  Have landed almost 400 fish, with 50 fish days being the norm.  Lots of bonus and big fish also, 6 atlantics over 8 lbs, 4 browns over 10 lbs on one trip. A big northern pike, and tons of nice healthy brown trout.  Check out my new videos from last week on the media/gallery page.  Here's the Ploss boys from April 27 with  4 fish on at once (Quad). They had 6 Quads on their trip and landed well over 40 fish. With the cold spring we had, I think this fishing will be fantastic right into June...I'm on the water just about every day, call my cell phone to book or ask any questions.
Thanks, Capt. Dave

Well, The 2011 season has started and did it start with a bang!  Ask Shawn and Stacie who fished with me on the 19th, They only hit about 60 fish in less than 4 hours, at one point, they had all 11 rods fire with (fish on).  There 2 daughters tag teamed a nice 9 lb, 27 inch Atlantic Salmon, not bad for  7 and 9 year olds, not to mention all the other browns they slammed.  this family landed about 40 fish, and it's been that way for the last week an a half.  this is the best start to the spring brown trout fishing i've seen in several years.  Oh yes, here's Keith with his 12 lb Atlantic Salmon from April 15th.  We've had some nice size fish also, a fat 14 lb Brown, several 9 to 11 lb brownies, 2 big  Atlantic Salmon, and a huge Lake Trout about 13 lbs.  Here's Shawn with just another brown, and Keith with his 12 lb Atlantic.


Well it's late August and the bite is on.  Here's Jeff, Bob, Randy, and Jerry with a nice limit of salmon from 60 feet of water a little north of my port.  These guys fished two 6 hour trips and landed 23 salmon. It doesn't get much better than that.  In fact the last 3 days we've landed over 60 salmon.  I still have some days open in Sept. so call my cell to book, or check on days that are open.

Wow, look at this monster.  Troy Brown from Moscow, Maine had a life long dream to fish Lake Ontario and catch some big fish, and that's just what he and his family did.  Here's 10 year old  Josh with a 33 lb king that hit the first rod in the water after only 60 seconds of trolling. 

This spring we caught a bunch of atlantic salmon but none were legal, well Troy ended the small atlantic salmon problem with a 16 lb trophy.  His wife Sheree had a ball landing her 25 lb king salmon, and they did all this on rough seas on Aug. 17.

Well I finally pulled the trigger on a new boat, it's a 27 ft Sportcraft with tons of room and storage for all my gear.  I moved some of my new gear and electronics and bought even more stuff and it all works to perfection.  First trip out saw us land 4 nice kings a steelhead and several small salmon.

Well, the fishing is still very good.  First fish of the day, this 12 lb brown trout. This year has seen a lot of big fish for us and some very happy clients.  This makes 5 brown trout that tipped the scales at 12 lbs or more.

Well the fishing is still hot, here's Dave Og with a nice 7 lb walleye, I call big Dave (banana hands) because  he makes the fish look small.  I'm holding a 12 lb and a 9 lb brown trout, we landed close to 20 fish including 2 coho and 1 atlantic salmon.

The fish keep on coming, today, a northern pike, 3 atlantic salmon, and a bunch of browns.  The browns are running big this year.  Here, 8 year old Conner with his 24 inch atlantic salmon, too bad it had to go back.  I'm holding the monster of the day, a 12 pound brown that hit just before we started picking rods.  The video of this trip will be up soon.

Well, the boat is in the water and the fishing could not be better. I was able to put the boat in a week early due to the nice weather and called some clients, moved their dates up and had the lake almost all to ourselves, and we pounded on the fish. We've caught all kinds of fish, lake trout, coho salmon, Atlantic salmon, a couple walleye, and lots of brown trout. The browns are running big too, the biggest so far is a 13 lb hog, we lost another brown behind the boat just as big, if not bigger. 

The big surprise is the number of Atlantic salmon, just about every trip, we get a couple on. The size of the Atlantics are from 17 inches to about 23 inches, the legal size is 25 inches, so they all go back to fight another day.

Capt. Dave is fishing almost every day so feel free to call his cell to answer any questions or book a trip.